C-SC Email Migration

Culver-Stockton College Email Transition Information FAQ's

Q: Why are we converting from Groupwise email to the new Google-based email?
A: The Novell Netware operating system on which Groupwise resides is becoming obsolete and support for it is dwindling. We must move to a more reliable platform and Google offers us this opportunity at no cost to educational customers.

Q: Will my email address change?
A: No, your email address will not change and the outside world will never know that we have switched platforms.

Q: How will I access the new email?
A: The same as you do now, by going to our main web page and clicking on the webmail link at the top of the page.

Q: Will my username and password change?
A: No, your username and password will remain the same.

Q: Will I have to begin using the new email on a specific date?
A: No, you will have the rest of the semester to migrate over to the new email by accessing the migration screen. Once you have migrated, you will need to use the new email link.

Q: Will I be able to still access the old Groupwise email after I migrate?
A: Yes, you will be able to access the old Groupwise email until the end of the semester but no new mail will flow to it.

Q: Can I transfer my calendar, contacts and email to the new Google-based email system?
A: Yes we will provide videos demonstrating how to transfer your old information to the new email system.

Q: Is the new email system better than the old email system?
A: In some ways the new email system is much better. There will be much more capacity, the system has virtually no downtime, and there are many new advanced features that can be used. However, it is slightly different and may cause a slight learning curve.

Q: What if I need help migrating or have questions?
A: The I.T. department will be happy to assist you and you can contact them at the HelpDesk.

Q: Where can I find the videos that describe the process?
A: Click here for the videos.